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To remain competitive, any company must integrate
digital practice as a fully fledged asset.
The rise of digital incites to rethink business models,
strategic frameworks  as well as the actualization of
its organization and its skills

with Macassar,
expand your cross-channel vision to initiate, integrate
and develop the digital practice as a vector of growth

Complete the Front office audit
of a future investment
to secure it

Digital Due Diligence

  • Measure marketing & sales digital efficiency
  • Assess digital maturity in its competitive environment
  • Assess capacity of customer recruitment and loyalty
  • Valorise data capital and customer knowledge
  • Analyse capacity of innovation or disruption
  • Identify digital impact on all elements of the Front office and challenge the Business Plan

Support multichannel development
and customer preference to
speed up the company growth

Digital Acceleration

  • Optimize digital strategy and its business impacts
  • Help multiple business models coexist
  • Strengthen Digital as a vector of communication and image
  • Clarify CRM objectives and optimize KPIs
  • Make teams agile in the transformation process
  • Integrate customer knowledge and experience as corporate sustainability factor
  • Valorize impact of Digital on the Front office means

Business Cases Accélération digitale

World leader in connecting composite materials professionals


Define the new offer of the company.
This project was in line with the diversification strategy of services offer.

  • Reduce dependence on revenues generated by professional trade shows in the long run
  • Enable the organization to preserve its leadership to bring together players of composite materials market


  • Define digital strategy (for web and phone)
  • Audit all improvement lines for each field: commercial (needs of exhibitors and visitors); editorial (define an editorial offer that include Freemium model – special access to the content on a subscription basis) + implement a social media for composite materials professionals
  • Launch a CRM activation plan based on 100,000 members
  • Draft the specifications,  the tender and coordination of providers
  • Run loyalty marketing actions and implement a partnership

Major player in used cars sales


Modify company’s business model to reduce their working capital needs and look ahead on the next 5 years considering that consumption habits of car market are changing quickly

  • Define a business model that focus on services (especially by emphasising on the existing car fleet and additional services for car sales) and connecting people
  • Consider digital tool as diversification line of sourcing
  • Improve digital efficiency in order to optimise partnership flows and structure customer relationship


  • Meetings with stakeholders and shareholders
  • Data management and web analytics
  • Identify priorities (according to workers adaptability)
  • Operational action plan for each business model

Global player on auctions of wine and estimation of wine cellars


  • Exploit fundamentals customers knowledge to optimise activation plan and start co-branding partnership
  • Redesign the website by focusing on its offer package, its speech, its ergonomy and its visual appearance
  • Expand its customers portfolio to another part of the population: younger and novice in wine consumption
  • Estimate relevance and profitability for each scenario of customer approach


  • Audit basic quality and general data as contact’s seniority, level of qualification, members’ profil, ratio of customers importance and lost/win customers, division of services into purchase mix and introduce a Net Promoter Score
  • Implement an activation plan and update the Net Promoter Score by level – quick wins.
  • Carry out a web quantitative survey based on the aggregate amount of customer – with data enhancement- and a qualitative phone survey based on representative sample of members and customers: clustering and creation of personalized activation plan; redesign website
  • Simulation to approach the target- younger and novice in wine consumption- about  proposal, communication channel/GRC, budget projections, do tests and implementation

Major player of home catering


Assess  for the investor the relevance to enter in capital of this european key actor in « top range » home catering, especially:

  • Confirm relevance of this model and of the brand plateform in its market and competitive environment
  • Challenge in a deep way the marketing strategy: principals lines, mix marketing elements among pricing, acquisition strategy and digital loyalty- means, how-do, implementation and costs
  • Confirm the business plan


  • Synthetic study of european market, especially benchmark with direct competitors -study based on documents, website comparaison, offers comparaison, and « mystery » commands …
  • About demand, detail data request on customers base : analysis of general data– contacts origin, customers profil, ratios about customers importance using frequency rate and value rate, customers win/lost, anciennety of customers in database, mix and composition of their order …
  • About offer, analyse diversity, stablity/exclusivity, attractivity and contribution of partner restaurants – with assessment of the contract
  • Full analytics website: attendance, position, natural and paid referencing, SR politics…
  • Interviews with management direction and key actors of marketing Off line, Digital Acquisition and Digital loyalty

Macassar is:

  • Expert with 15 years experience in digital activity development
  • Proven mastery of analytics, data management and modeling
  • Multi-sectoral experience to benchmark the analytical prism
  • Transformation project direction in a collaborative way (wrike)

Digital Acceleration Manager

David Boissinot
+33 (0) 685 844 302